Slow Club is Sheffield duo Charles Watson (guitar, vocals, piano) and Rebecca Lucy Taylor (drums, vocals, guitar).

The band formed in 2005 when they were both still teenagers and spent the next two years touring relentlessly around the North of England. Moshi Moshi Records who released their debut album Yeah So in 2009.

Slow Club are defined by their own distinct and powerful partnership - Charles with bruised vocal, rasping guitar and disarming lightness of touch; Rebecca with her dash of Northern Soul and sharp wit, switching between vocals and drums like Beyonce crossed with Karen Carpenter.

In the autumn of 2010 the band returned to the studio to start work on their second album Paradise. Emerging with first single Two Cousins in July the following year. The NME simply described it as “a tour de force” and Q magazine said it was the “sound of a band starting to spread its wings”. To go with the bigger-sounding songs Charles and Rebecca added a bass player and drummer to their live set-up and once again hit the road, evolving over a year of touring into one of the most exciting bands playing live at the time.

In 2014 the endlessly innovating duo changed tack again and harnessed this new-found live confidence to produce their most ambitious and complete record yet - Complete Surrender. Touching on everything from Motown and the output of Memphis' Stax Records to the immaculately produced pop of the 1970s, via Frankie Valli and David Bowie the album sounded like an instant classic. Something that sounds so familiar and timeless it’s difficult to believe it wasn't recorded 30 years ago.

The band reunited in 2015 to start work on their 4th album. This time they decided to head to the US for the recording and spent a week in Richmond VA, with Matthew E White and his talented pool of studio musicians at Spacebomb studios. The resulting album was another sonic shift and showcased a more laid-back country feel than the grandiose soul of Complete Surrender. Uncut magazine described it as “another classy, sassy step forward from this restlessly inventive pair” on its release in August 2016.

Slow Club